Welcome to elmtree.

A small creative agency with a great reputation.

Big agency quality with boutique levels of service. That was the goal in 2008. Well, we’ve been doing this for a while now so something must be working!

Since then we’ve built a network of some of the best creative and production talent in the industry, and focused on what you should be paying for. The work. Because that’s what important.

Today, our work continues to help brands big and small in the UK and Ireland, and across Europe, the US, South Africa, Singapore, and Australia.

What We Do

Anything, everything, and all that's in-between.
We’re steeped in traditional values but constantly keep a modern perspective, creating teams and packages that truly deliver.


Whether it’s writing the brand book for you, or providing creative that fits within your existing guidelines, we create clean, powerful solutions that truly meet your strategic needs and speak to your audience.


Print is far from dead! But it is becoming a lost art. Luckily we have talent with the experience and knowledge most don't even learn today, ensuring your message is clean, clear, and really cuts through.


We are living in a digital world, and we are digital girls. And boys. Our team have designed and created brilliant user-friendly sites and campaign assets for some big names, always ensuring your message is engaging and on-brand.

Video and Animation

Our clever chaps in animation and superb video production teams have produced stunning TV advertising, promotional materials for social media and conferences, magazine programmes, and awards pieces.

elmtree ICS

Need something a bit more face to face every day? We've supplied in-house resources utilising elmtree design and production creatives to a number of our clients. A hugely successful and cost-effective solution for those requiring high volume, short-turnaround production to our same high standards.

Who we are

We're a jolly crew of over 20 talented shipmates, led by 2 charming fellows with a combined industry experience of over 70 years.

Mark Barrett

Creative Director

Excitable, prog-rocking Whovian Mark oversees the lead creative on all of our major projects, as well as managing our fabulous ICA services.
Over 40 years experience in design, creative and video. He'll be the one bugging you about the little things and the history of why it's important.

Ian Simmons


Lego-loving, Jedi in training Ian co-directs our creative process and ensures all our client accounts are running harmoniously. Over 30 years experience ranging from broadcast media, to PR, to Integrated Marketing Comms. Known to binge on Monster Munch as if they were a Netflix series.

How we do it

What we don't do

No swanky offices, waving free sandwiches or making you travel to endless tedious meetings full of buzzword bingo. No entering ourselves into self-funded award ceremonies and patting ourselves on the back either.

What we do do

Yes, we said do do. We focus on the work. We're responsive. We get the right people on the job and work to your pace, producing brilliantly engaging solutions for sensible budgets.

Trusted by brands big and small!

Since 2008, we've worked with some well known, and some not so well known names at home in the UK and Ireland, and across Europe, the US, South Africa, Singapore, and Australia.