TV Advertising
2015 ⁠— 2018

Using time wisely for Royal London

In a sector of boringly similar ads across its competitors, Royal London needed to stand out in the Over 50s market. Struggling with their current supplier, they turned to us to rescue them. Taking a nostalgic ‘Pythonesque’ feel to complement the brand’s querky nature, we produced an animated version of the company’s Roy character in a Victorian guise.

A real step change for the brand, the style was a stark juxtaposition against the live action approach of its competitors, really helping Royal London to stand out in the market. The animated approach allowed us the flexibility to continually update the creative, often on tight schedules, and was so successful that while the campaign was originally planned for just two months, it ran for over two years with several refreshes including seasonal versions of the ad.

“elmtree are responsive, flexible, and always deliver outstanding value”

David Meliveo, Head of Brand and Consumer Marketing

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